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About me

So far, my artistic career has been full of interesting detours and challenges. I started professionaly as a scientist rather than a visual artist. After obtaining my B.Sc. and working in the environmental arena, I took a detour in journalism, scientific writing and TV productions to becoming a chief editor for several magazines. That journey alone in such a vast world of creation has slowly perked my interest toward visual arts. Inspired by the many illustrators and photographers I worked with while being a chief editor, my first natural step in the realm of visual art started with the aquarelle medium.

This new endeavor was feed with various workshops, boot camps and courses all pertaining to painting, drawing and sketching with a plethora of subjects at hand. All in all, a quest for perfecting my techniques with various mediums led me to develop my style. All this training and intense practice, fuels my passion for my new career and keeps me motivated with personal projects, experimentation and sharing with other artists.

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